TV clip from News Channel 34, Binghamton, NY


My trip to catch a glimp­se of the river's head­wa­ters also inc­lu­ded a TV appea­ran­ce. A clip pro­du­ced for News Chan­nel 34 in Bingham­ton, NY aired this week. I met news direc­tor Jim Ehm­ke in Depo­sit and hea­ded up to a clea­ring along rou­te 10  over­loo­king the Can­nons­vi­lle Reser­voir whe­re we tal­ked about the river as he fil­med a few words from me about the pro­ject.

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  1. Elisabeth Braun
    Elisabeth Braun11-21-2009

    John — I admi­re your ini­tia­ti­ve and cou­pled with your pho­to­graphic skill and expe­rien­ce — and not to for­get your talent for "seeing" — this will be a won­der­ful pro­ject. Ice­land and the Dela­wa­re River, another pro­ject in the making on natu­re and its many twists and turns in dif­fe­rent loca­les but natu­re neverthe­less. Pls. keep your fans pos­ted!

  2. Alana

    Great media clip. I am very impres­sed. And the web­si­te in gene­ral is really, really well done. I look for­ward to trac­king the pro­ject with you over the next few years : )

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