In The Beginning

I’m not sure where this idea was born. Earlier this summer (2009) I kicked around the idea of photographing the Delaware Bay and perhaps what’s left of the oyster industry. The spark of that idea quickly faded but I knew I needed something new to photograph, something long-term that involved travel.

Now that Iceland is behind me, I wanted to challenge myself again. I never know how my ideas of what I want to photograph arise. I only know that they appear at random times — maybe there is some kind of subconscious brainstorming going that feeds me these things.

So that’s the challenge, photographing what I find along — or even in — a river from its headwaters to where it meets the sea. Another challenge I’m facing is that I usually start photographing a project before I create a website to show the images. So the pressure to do this well is on.

The fun part of this project is that it’s web based. I mean, of course I imagine having exhibits of these photos in towns along the river. But a blog with a purpose is also nice. So my toolbox is filled with cameras, both still and video, GPS to geotag the photos, this blog and hopefully good fortune. Stay tuned.

  1. Jerry


    You’re off to a great start with this very cool idea. I like the way you categorized the river by region and the geotag idea is very innovative.

    Tacony Bridge photos are cool in B/W. How about adding a little biographical info on the bridge for readers of the blog?



  2. Bill Spangler
    Bill Spangler09-14-2009

    I like it. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps include a panoramic shot of the river (say from top of the Water Gap) incorporated into the title. Just to reinforce the concept.

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